Judith Claire Barrow

CRPC Board

Judith Barrow has several years of experience as a consultant in management of intervention programs/campaigns in Washington D.C, and in international development as a project coordinator on three challenging projects in Kano, Nigeria. Ms. Barrow established the scope of work for each project and managed them with scarce resources and poor infrastructure. She has worked on a number of projects in various capacities, including as project development consultant, outreach coordinator, marketing director, medicinal chemistry research assistant, and project manager, in Washington DC and her native Trinidad & Tobago.

Ms. Barrow is the founder and Executive Director of Community Outreach Associates, Inc. (COA) a non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. The non-profit focuses on assisting residents of the greater Washington metropolitan area who are directly or indirectly, impacted by diabetes, heart disease and obesity. An avid advocate for healthy living, and playing an active role in community development, Barrow developed three health intervention campaigns that are aimed at helping people affected by such chronic diseases using social marketing tools. She believes that promoting health and eliminating health disparities is a collective effort -- to help create a healthy and productive community. Hence, she established strategic partnerships between COA and local community leaders and the business sector to collaborate on engaging targeted communities.

Barrow has embarked on a Caribbean Sustainable Development Project for which she is constructing a working model. Its principal purpose is to build local capacity and sustainability within the Caribbean to encompass socio-economic and environmental development. She believes using sustainable development principles can further advance and create a nexus for investment, innovation, and talent in the Caribbean.

Ms. Barrow has a B.Sc. Degree in Chemical Engineering from Howard University, Washington, DC.


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