Faith Bynoe

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Faith Bynoe specializes in providing strategic analysis, advisory and planning services to donors, communities, and philanthropic and non-profit entities. Ms. Bynoe’s life mission is supporting, strengthening and uplifting residents in the development of their neighborhoods and communities with a particular emphasis on the Caribbean Diaspora.

For the past 8 years, Ms. Bynoe has worked within the philanthropic sector, working for and with grant-making institutions, concentrating on the responsible redevelopment of communities. She is president of Y I Give, a philanthropic investment firm focused on supporting and building the capacity of individuals and groups to do strategic philanthropy. Through her work in Y I Give, Ms. Bynoe has supported her clients in their rebuilding efforts of Haiti, the growth of anchor institutional work and building a toolkit for black philanthropy.

During her tenure at the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund and the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Ms. Bynoe managed over $80 million in grants; advised partners on effective strategies for philanthropic investment; facilitated community meetings; and worked with non-profit organizations and foundations to effectively work together. Her framework not only cultivates the development of innovative grants, but the implementation of strategies with sustainable impact.

Ms. Bynoe was born to Barbadian parents and nurtured by a strong civic-minded family. Her life experiences in the US and Barbados has shaped her perspective on community development, racial equity and multiculturalism. Trained in the field of psychology, Faith puts her skills to use when working with a diverse array of community members.

In addition, Ms. Bynoe practices her own philanthropy while being active within her community. She is a founding member of the Black Benefactors, a giving circle focused on grantmaking in the Washington DC metro area. Also within the DC area, Ms. Bynoe has been the co-chair of Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy, a board member of the Young Non-Profit Professionals Network, and participated on the original leadership team of the DC chapter of the Young Barbadian Professional Society.


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