Luigi Leblanc, M.P.H. CHPIT

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Luigi Leblanc is a system’s engineer with over 15 years of experience in Health Information Technology, Telemedicine and Videoconferencing leading the charge in providing solutions that combine, LAN, WAN, broadband technologies with web2.0 social networking internet based applications as well as Medical softwares to address barriers that lead to health disparities globally. He has served as the lead technology manager in international telemedicine initiatives connecting healthcare providers in rural regions with specialists in urban settings. He has played a key role in developing chronic disease self-management applications that empower healthcare consumers to take charge of their disease.

Mr. Leblanc co-founded Zane Networks, a Health Information Technology and Telemedicine company located in Silver Spring, MD, to provide project management and system’s integration expertise to healthcare stakeholders. His experience involves both domestic and international health informatics projects, ranging from rural telemedicine to mobile health information technology solutions. ZaneNet’s professional knowledge enables the bi-directional interchange of Patient Health Information across various healthcare systems including Electronic Health Records (EHR), Personal Health Records (PHR’s) and Electronic Prescription systems (ERx) using the Continuity of Care Documents (CCD), Continuity of Care Record (CCR) and Microsoft Healthvault.

Additionally, Mr. Leblanc serves as a technology consultant to the Howard University Hospital Mobile Diabetes Health Initiative, a program that enables healthcare professionals to provide care to diabetics in the District of Columbia, while electronically documenting the medical encounter using the Electronic Medical Record onboard the mobile van, and simultaneously populating the patients Personal Health Record. Likewise, he was instrumental in the development and deployment of the Howard University Internet Teaching Tool (EMITT), an online tutorial that combines video and text to teach residents at the University of the Transkei and Umtata General Hospital, South Africa, how to treat various conditions in the emergency department.

Leblanc received his Bachelors of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology from the University of Hartford, CT, and his Master of Public Health from Howard University, Washington, DC. He provides Technology training to practicing physicians, and convenes an annual Health IT practical workshop at the National Medical Association’s (NMA) Convention.


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