The Caribbean Research & Policy Center

The Caribbean Research & Policy Center, Inc. (the CRPC) is a think-tank established in Washington DC, USA with a specific focus on issues related to the Caribbean and the Caribbean Diaspora. The CRPC was launched officially on 17 June 2010 at a special event held at the Embassy of Trinidad & Tobago in Washington DC.

The establishment of a Caribbean think-tank followed on a proposal presented to the 2007 Washington Conference on the Caribbean (2007-WCC) by the National Coalition on Caribbean Affairs (NCOCA).  NCOCA’s proposal was adopted as a decision by the 2007-WCC, with full endorsement by the Heads of State and Government of the Caribbean countries attending the 2007 Summit with U.S. President George W. Bush.

As an institution, the CRPC is organized to research and study issues germane to social, economic, political, security and development of the countries of the Caribbean region– nationally and regionally–including issues of mutual interests in U.S.-Caribbean relations, as well as regional and multilateral issues within the context of the region’s interrelationships.

Drawing on the expertise of the Caribbean Diaspora and the Caribbean region, where appropriate, the CRPC strives to create an institution that is the primary source in Washington DC for research, discussion of issues, enhancement of policy development, and a premier source for information and input across the decision-making spectrum on issues related to the Caribbean. In essence, the premier think-tank in Washington DC engaging Caribbean expertise and perspectives that through research, study and well-informed analysis fills existing information gaps in policy- and decision-making in Washington and Caribbean capitals on issues of mutual interests. The Caribbean will benefit also from CRPC’s work on issues of interest to the governments and peoples of the region more generally.

In pursuit of its objectives the CRPC promotes good governance, democracy, and rule of law in the Caribbean region, and will collaborate with, and complement Caribbean regional organizations and institutions in achieving shared objectives.

The CRPC also aims to contribute to a greater understanding of issues affecting the Caribbean Diaspora, including on matters related to Caribbean Diaspora interactions with United States and Caribbean governments.

In order to fulfill its objectives, the CRPC conducts research, studies, and in-depth analyses of relevant issues, and aims to provide appropriate fora, such as roundtable discussions, seminars, conferences, and workshops for broad participation by Caribbean expertise in its formulation of outputs and solutions. The CRPC shares its work with relevant authorities and the public, including by use of print and electronic media platforms.